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My brother died when I was 5 years old and although this seems young age to remember, I recollect the day it happened to a t! Dealing with grief at such a very young age, I was always able to keep him near with the photographs my mom always took of us. I remember feeling really alone one day and I put up all the pictures we had together and just laid there with him in spirit. Little did I know that this piece of comfort ignited a fire in me that has fueld my passion in photography throughout my entire life. 

I walked around with all types of cameras throughout my school years; unconsciously, I documented everything! From using my moms film camera, to begging her to buy me disposables cameras for every function and event my school(s) had. Then I transitioned from disposable cameras for school to the new digital cameras to document my social and club life. Now, those have been swapped out for documenting real life events to shooting with a DLSR. 

The joy I feel when people look at their images on my camera like “WOW, that’s me!” is such an unmeasurable feeling of fulfillment. I will never forget my clients thanking me for capturing a picture of their mom smiling during her wedding reception because she never smiles. And another client looking back to a photograph of her and her dad dancing, remembering how lucid he was at that moment since he suffered for Alzheimer’s disease. This was the same nostalgic feeling I had looking back at all my photos and my driving force today for all my clients to experience. 


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You really outdid yourself with this.

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